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Every month, in no particular order, this page will highlight one of the many artists who has contributed to the production and success of House of Chai productions. I’d love to include a page of links to all of the artists I admire, or even to just the ones I know and respect. But if I did, it would require a webpage that would scroll as much as the Torah!


House of Chai - Featured artist of the month
December 2008 -
Januel Mercado

Due to overwhelming requests from women around the globe, we will be keeping Januel Mercado's page up until this unprecedented surge of email subsides. Thank you for very much your inquires ladies.


Januel Mercado, DreamWork's cafeteria 2008.

Januel Mercado is the man. The first syllable of his name, Jan rhymes with man, because he’s the man with the plan. His last name means Market, because he has so much to offer. He should’ve been named Martha Stewart though because he always brings something to the party! He’s the WalMart of excellence. The one stop shop that’ll put the fizz in your pop! He’ll make a t-shirt look like a tuxedo, and a function feel like a fiesta.

Hot Chocolate, Part 1

Hot Chocolate, Part 2

There is simply not enough room on the internet to list all of the great things about Januel Mercado. He satisfies on many levels; talented artist, friendliest guy you’ll ever meet, handsome, enthusiastic, funny… the list goes on and on.

I worked with Januel while he was in school, and have had the pleasure of working with him on projects over several special summers. In 2006 producing Cole Needs Women it was the “summer of love”. In 2007 on Courtney Granner’s pre-production of Parade it was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. And we held on to him as long as possible after his graduation in 2008, where he helped animate on Life on a Limb during “the endless summer”.

Drawing by Januel, Painting by Andrea Rhodes

Drawing by Januel, Painting by Andrea Rhodes

But in graduating from "summers", he went on to" years". And this year is his “year of the panda”. Shortly after school, Januel was hired by DreamWorks and is now working as an entry level story artist, currently on Kung Fu Panda 2.

Stop This Train

And even though he’s drawing like a maniac for work, he somehow still manages to diligently keep sketching and attending figure drawing sessions in his spare time.

If anyone has a problem with Januel Mercado, please place your face close enough to your computer monitor so I can punch it through the internet! For those that don’t, slip into your best barong and please join me in helping wrap up 2008 by welcoming Mr. December, Januel Mercado! Thanks Januel!

Drawing by Januel, writing by Chris McKane

please click here to check out Januel's Online portfolio and here for his art blog