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Other Projects
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Fish Pasta


House of Chai's first live action film, Fish Pasta, won the SanDisk Phone Flicks contest at Cinequest 2010, San Jose's Film Festival. 20 directors whose work was featured in competition at the festival were given the challenge of creating a 60 second film based on the theme of discovery, using only a cell phone as the camera. The films were voted for online, and the top four finalists were screened at the beginning of every film during the festival. Audience members voted for their favorites using text messaging. Thanks to Corey Tom and Marty Cooper for helping dish it up, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for it!!


Cinequest Film Festival Trailer 2011


This was our second trailer for the Cinequest Film Festival. The trailer depicts a man who is bored with his day to day routine, but catches the buzz of the Cinequest Film Festival, and helps spread the energy throughout the community. Leading people from all walks of life to come check out the great screenings and events at this year’s festival.

The production crew consisted of David Chai, Marty Cooper, Michael Fong, Corwin Herse Woo, Taylor Hsieh, Leann Hill, Michelle Ikemoto, Kimberly Knoll, Christopher Lam, Wilbur Liang, Miyuki Maruyama, Christine Nguyen, Erin Schleupner, Aden Scott, and Priscilla Wong.


Cinequest Film Festival Trailer 2010

This was the first animated trailer we produced for the Cinequest Film Festival. The trailer was based on the festival theme of “Maverick” and depicted a lone maverick calf, unfulfilled with his hum drum life, taking charge and going “maverick”; inspiring innovation, invention, and social change… all in thirty seconds. The trailer played before every screening at the festival, as well as on television, and online.

Thanks to all of the gang at Cinequest, and a really big thanks to the production crew: Bunny Carter, Renee Carty, Marty Cooper, Katie Corna, Heather Flynn, Courtney Granner, Henry Ho, Christopher Lam, Bryan Lind, Dora Roychoudhury, and Corey Tom. Go Maverick!


Aletta Out of Water

This is a show idea pitch we did for Nickelodeon in 2007. Now available for licensing!

Synopsis: Ten year old Aletta is on a mission to catch up with her family, who is floating around the world, partying and BBQing Indonesian food. Her only hope is to rely on three things: her vivid imagination, the bravery she derives from her favorite comic book hero Sarong the Mighty, and her sometimes feisty temper. And also her travel partner, Konstantin; a 60 year old fish from the Cold War era Eastern Europe.

It's a coming of age, buddy film; Home Alone meets The Amazing race meets Leon the Professional. 

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©2007, House of Chai. All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Duplication Permitted.


The Adventures of Supermarket


This is an animatis for a show idea created by Konstantin Abadjiev, John Paul Balmet, and Dave Chai. . Now available for licensing!

Synopsis: Homeless, failed Stock Market investor, Sal Grossenbagger, has lost everything in life and hit rock bottom. On one fateful night however, the watchful lords of the universe grant Sal the power to transform into a Super Market building. Initially unappreciative of his gifts, he grows to understand and appreciate his potential, while still filling the majority of his days with self-loathing and long to reunite with his ex-wife.

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©2006, House of Chai. All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Duplication Permitted.


"More stuff we don't know anything about" commercial campaign

This project was a series of thirty second lawyer marketing spots, each describing a different subject that the particular clients knew nothing about.