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Completed August 19, 2022, 9 Minutes, 37 Seconds
Come swim with us through the limitless pools of our trans and nonbinary spirits.

Completed August 6, 2021, 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Inspired by the terrible killings, hatred, and division of 2020; here’s a friendly reminder from your besties at House of Chai to embrace our differences and please love one another.

Completed August 17, 2020, 2 Minutes, 41 Seconds
An irritated little brother and his bossy older sister come to learn that saying “I love you” doesn’t always mean saying “I love you.”

Completed August 23, 2019, 7 Minutes, 26 Seconds
After a young girl’s father is murdered by an evil centaur, she comes to realize that extracting revenge can often take one’s whole life.

Completed September 2017, 7 Minutes, 53 Seconds
In the annals of mankind, we will realize that humans have been mistreating Mother Nature for far too long. It was only a matter of time before the universe blasted back. Please join us in experiencing a warning from the deepest bowels of the galaxy. Can humanity squeeze out a solution before it goes to pot? Don’t stall to find out!

Completed September 2016, 4 Minutes, 38 Seconds
Texters texting, tweeters tweeting, likers liking, posters posting, Googlers Googling, Amazonians Amazoning, webheads surfing, snappers chatting, pinnters pinning, tubers tubing, tenders tindering, Netflixers chilling… are we binging too much? More connected than ever, but more distant by the day. Is humanity being swiped away?

Completed August 2015, 3 Minutes, 36 Seconds
Hop aboard the Los Angeles Limited and join retired steam train engineer, Glen Whistler, as he takes his grandchild down the tracks of memory lane.

Completed August 2014, 3 Minutes, 47 Seconds
A disheartened Earnest Knapp learns that the things he holds most dear are often just a buttcheek away.

Completed September 2012, 9 Minutes, 45 Seconds
A Knock on My Door chronicles the life of the Director’s father who as a courageous teenager emigrates
to the United States where he achieves extraordinary success until a buried past demands a reckoning.

Completed September 2011, 2 Minutes, 30 Seconds
An animated poem about a stinker I love.

Completed August 2010, 4 Minutes, 27 Seconds
Enrique learns the hard way, that actions speak louder than birds!

Completed September 2009, 3 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Nobu the Ninja breathes a sai of relief after being consoled by his pal Pierre, over a cup of coffee and some penetrating advice.

Completed September 2008, 5 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Irreconcilable enemies, a tree and a lumberjack, are stuck in a waiting room together. Will they end up burying the hatchet, or will they end up burying the hatchet?

Completed September 2005, 7 Minutes, 7 Seconds
A heartwarming tale of female empowerment and overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attack, and infant electrocution.

Completed September 2006, 8 Minutes, 20 Seconds
An uplifting “coming of age”, science fiction, romantic, action, comedic, thriller about an adolescent youth faced with an impossible dilemma; give up everything he’s ever loved or take responsibility for the end of mankind!

Completed March 2005, 4 Minutes, 52 Seconds
Very rarely does a film come along, which is so compelling and emotionally moving that it effects generations of viewers to reconsider the very way in which they live their lives; evoking social change and making the world a better place in which to live. This is not that rare film.

Completed March 2003, 7 Minutes, 45 Seconds
Crazed, college cartoonists collaborated cross-continentally to confer this catastrophic collection of casualties.