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Irreconcilable enemies, a tree and a lumberjack, are stuck in a waiting room together. Will they end up burying the hatchet, or will they end up burying the hatchet?


Total running time: 5 minutes, 58 seconds
©2008, House of Chai. All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Duplication Permitted.

David Chai had directed "Life on a Limb", working with a big crew consisting of several of his San Jose State students and friends, David has directed his strongest and most mature short, "Life on a Limb", an engrossing 6-minutes. It is well written, thoughtful and sensitive. Unlike Fumi’s Bad Luck Foot it doesn’t go for Tex Avery laughs. It has a subtle humor, a touching story and it is also full of surprises. I expect it to do well at festivals and I look forward to seeing it again at an open screening.
A very cool review from Karl Cohen, President of ASIFA San Francisco
Thanks Karl!