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House of Chai films "25 Ways to Die" and "Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot" are available now on three DVD compilations. Please see below for details.


Slamdance Film Festival presents THE DIRTY DOZEN V: Tales of Eccentricity DVD

Includes "Peluca" by Jared Hess, which is the short film that inspired one of the greatest films known to man, Napoleon Dynamite!

1 Peluca by Jared Hess (9 min, Festival - 2003)
Seth, a guy with a penchant for drawing, fanny packs and illegal ninja books, makes friends in rural Idaho.

2 Lady Of The Lake by Michael Lucid (8 min, Festival - 2003)
A puppet fairytale about a boy's sexual awakening which takes a comically sordid turn.

3 Second Place by John Hime (15 min, Festival - 2003)
Two roommates can't stop competing with each other, even when faced with impending eviction.

4 The Hunger Artist by Tom Gibbons (16 min, Festival - 2002)
Achingly beautiful stop-motion animation retells this Franz Kafka story about a performer whose art consists of denying himself nourishment.

5 Down A Dark Chimney by Brian McPhail (9 min, Festival - 2001)
On the first day of Christmas of World War II, Santa Claus discovers that the spirit of the season has not overcome the lure of power and its abuses.

6 Man With A DV Cam by Justin Adam and Mike Hawley (10 min, Festival - 2002)
Lindsay Farnsworth is a film poet who has just acquired his first Digital Video camera. Watch him learn to express himself in increasingly colorful ways.

7 Fledgling by Eron Sheean (8 min, Festival - 2000)
A desert nomad adopts a baby and shows it that all life depends on death; and instinct must govern his survival.

8 My Name Is Akto by Dylan Haggerty (4 min, $99 Special - 2002)
Akto is a Corbex 3000 Cybernetic Humanoid Machine Servant Series 5. Won't you take him into your home?

9 Bob by Matt Smith (16 min, Festival - 1999)
An impartial examination of the procreative vectors and migratory patterns of certain North American flora and fauna.

10 Alias: The Lost Episode by Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin (15 min, Festival - 2003)
A spoof of the popular ABC TV series "Alias."

11 25 Ways To Die by Dave Chai (7 min, Anarchy - 2003)
Crazed, college, cartoonists collaborated cross-continentally to confer this catastrophic collection of casualties.

12 Miguelina by Reyther Ortega (14 min, Festival - 2003)
Faith is everything for a woman living in a small town in the middle of nowhere.


Cinequest Film Festival presents: Second Sight: Cinequest Short Films DVD, Volume 4

Detective Q
We, the documentary crew have recently been informed abot this peculiar man who somehow gathers people and queues them up behind his back. (Japan)

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot
A heartwarming tale of female empowerment, overcoming one's adversities; along with shotgun barrage, wild moose attach, and infant electrocution. (USA)

7 Deadly Sins for the 21st Century
New sins for the New Millennium (as demonstrated by unsavory post-modern humans). (USA)

The Boy Who Feeds Cats
Leonard lives with his Aunt Alethea in the suburb of Broken Gate. When he was just a young boy he lost his mother, but he never lost the hope of someday finding her again. (Australia)

Walking Between the Lines
A writer struggles to communicate through the words on a page and through a distance between him and his wife. (USA)

A film that unites two solitary figures by the magical aspects of light and space. The story unveils the hidden life of Benoit, a lonely artist afflicted with extreme photo sensitivity — forcing him to lead a hermit-like existence indoors near total darkness. (USA)

Single Bed
One girl. Two cameras. A few cups of coffee. A nightmare within a nightmare. A strange visitor. A time loop and an unexpected outcome. (Greece)


One of Many: Pawky Shorts 2006 DVD

One of Many: Pawky Shorts 2006, featuring 16 of our most intriguing and provocative shorts to date, is now available for you to delight your unsuspecting family and friends this holiday season or treat yourself to a few award-winning shorts.

Experience the heartbreak of a young girl battling the demons that plague her foot. Take part in the trials and tribulations of a ridiculously adorable fish desperately trying to join the party. And get lost in a time dominated by a poker phenomenon that could or could not be sweeping the world.

We have a wonderful mix of Pawky classics, currently available for viewing on our site and some of the exciting films we plan to premiere in 2007. So, indulge and enjoy one of many shorts on the DVD. And the first 100 to order this exclusive compilation of films will receive a limited edition piece of Americana: a Pawky poster.